Course: Abstracting & Summarising Screen-Based Documents

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Training to help you...

  1. understand the special challenges posed by screen-based documents.

  1. apply basic abstracting and summarising techniques to screen-based documents.

  1. exploit web signposting conventions to help you navigate round a site.

• avoid the pitfalls associated with summarising unhelpfully laid out HTML pages and PDF documents.

The web: the ultimate vanity publishing medium

Summarising screen-based content introduces a whole range of new reading and writing issues that don’t apply with print. 

This course will help you understand and apply the principles, whether you’re describing the content of a web page or site, or summarising the text of an HTML or a PDF document.

You’ll be introduced to effective reading, writing and navigation techniques that will enable you to you tackle any web or intranet site or page, and any PDF document.

Outline Programme (1 day)

Welcome and introductions

Confidence – your innate summarising skills

Signposting – exploiting the conventions

Why some web pages are easy to read and some aren’t

Navigation aids

Dealing with unhelpful screen lay-out

Eliminating irrelevant material – writing plain English

Strategic reading

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

[Note: This course requires each participant to have access to their own computer – either a training room equipped with workstations or individuals’ laptops, onto which practical exercises will be loaded at the beginning of the day.]

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