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Course: Handling Enquiries Face-to-Face

Training to help you...

  1. question enquirers effectively to discover what they really want.

  1. analyse enquiries to work out where the answer may be found.

  1. search efficiently, avoiding common pitfalls.

  1. decide what to do if an answer can’t be found.

Just imagine what the final answer will look like

So you’re sitting behind the enquiry desk, expected to tackle any question thrown at you – and you’re panicking. 

With practical group exercises based on real enquiries throughout, this course will guide you through the entire enquiry handling process – from problem to success.

It will also introduce you to some of the professional information sources and searching techniques that you can use to go one step beyond what your enquirers can do for themselves.

Outline Programme (1 day)

Welcome and introductions

Interrogation strategies and questioning techniques

Imagining what the final answer will look like

Multipurpose information sources to get you started

Devising your search strategy

Searching efficiently

Finding your answer

What to do if you can’t find one

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

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