Half-day Session: Producing Compelling Reports

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Training to help you...

  1. make your reports look impressive on the page, using standard business software.

  1. use graphs, charts, illustrations and drawing tools to add value to your branded documents.

• create a document that incorporates these features.

It’s not my job to make the answer look pretty!

With more and more information delivered direct to end-users’ desktops, library & information staff need to go the extra mile if they are to safeguard and develop their services. 

This intensely practical half-day session will help you add value to your service and strengthen your branding by producing reports that are easy to navigate and visually compelling.

Outline Programme (half day)

Welcome and introductions

Ideas for presenting your documents compellingly

Project: Creating your own repackaged report (based either on materials supplied for the course or on your own material if you prefer)

Feedback – what techniques did participants use?

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

[Note: This session requires each participant to have access to their own computer – either a training room equipped with workstations or individuals’ laptops, onto which course exercises will be loaded at the beginning of the session.] 

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