Half-day Session: Creating Professional Presentations

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Training to help you...

  1. reinterpret text and figures as images, using standard business software.

  1. use autoshapes and drawing tools.

  1. present figures effectively.

  1. develop strong branding and look & feel.

• let the words and pictures tell the story on their own.

Not another lot of boring bullet points!

Far too many speakers simply use presentation packages as an on-screen version of their speaking notes – it’s dull to watch and means that the value of what you are trying to say is lost.

This half-day session demonstrates how you can create visually interesting presentations to capture your audience’s attention and get complex information across simply and straightforwardly.

Outline Programme (half day)

Welcome and introductions

Thinking visually – the principles

Your show’s look & feel

Turning words into simple pictures

Creating graphs and charts

Animations and transitions

Automatic slide shows

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

[Note: You could add a further half-day afternoon session to give participants the opportunity to try out some of the techniques demonstrated in the morning if you wished. If so, each participant would need their own computer – either a training room equipped with workstations or their own laptop.]

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