Course: Handling enquiries remotely

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Training to help you...

  1. understand the differences between face-to-face and remote enquiry handling.

  1. receive, respond to and report back on enquiries by voice- and text-based media.

  1. develop customer care strategies to avoid misunderstandings and keep the enquirer on-side.

No eye contact, no facial expression, no body language

When we handle enquiries remotely – by phone, email, text, chat, messaging – we are deprived of up to 90% of the clues that we take for granted face-to-face. 

Customers tend to be more impatient, and the risk of misunderstanding – even offence – is high.

Designed for more experienced enquiry handlers, and with group practical work throughout, this course draws on good contact centre practice to demonstrate the special techniques needed in managing and operating a remote enquiry service.

Outline Programme (1 day)

Welcome and introductions

Why remote enquiry handling is different

Setting up your service

Running your service

Handling tricky enquiries using voice-based media (practical)

Handling tricky enquiries by text media (practical)

Delivering your answer

Signing off enquiries

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

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