Package: Running an Information Service

Outline Programme (1 day)

Welcome and introductions

Your three key resources: time, intellect, money

Identifying your most influential users

Deciding what information your organisation needs

Identifying information sources and delivery media

Exploiting your resources proactively

Dealing with information enquiries

Making sure your service is legal

Persuading people to keep using your service

Evaluating your success

How to get help

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

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Training to help you...

  1. set up a service that really meets the needs of users and key decision makers

  1. think through problems and maximise your effectiveness within time limits and budgetary constraints

  1. develop your personal to-do list to put into action at your place of work.

Your three key resources: time, intellect, money

‘Provide an information service,’ your job description says.  But how on earth do you set about it? 

Step-by-step, this lively and participative course will help you make best use of your limited resources at every stage.

You’ll learn how to target your most influential users and find out what they need – how to identify and exploit suitable information sources – and how to generate repeat business and evaluate your success.

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