Full-day Session: Synthesising Your Search Results

Want to find out if this session might be right for you? Combine this session with other Repackaging sessions on consecutive days for a special discount?

Training to help you...

  1. manipulate, categorise and prioritise your search results.

  1. identify the essential information your enquirer needs.

  1. present the results effectively in report form.

  1. enhance the reputation of your service as a result.

(Based on a single practical exercise running throughout the entire day.)

Don’t just give me another reading list!

Busy practitioners have less and less time to wade through raw search results. Instead they are looking to you to bring some order to the information you retrieve on their behalf.

But your time is precious too. So how can you turn your raw search results into a polished, value-added summary of findings, in the minimum amount of time and with maximum efficiency?

This self-contained one-day course can help you do just that.

Outline Programme (full day)

Welcome and introductions

Adding value while managing your time

Making your search results manipulable

Selecting, rejecting, prioritising

Deciding what to say

Polishing your draft

Presenting effectively

Winding up – have we met your key needs?

[Note: This course requires each participant to have access to their own computer – either a training room equipped with workstations or individuals’ laptops, onto which practical exercises will be loaded at the beginning of the day.]

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