When people want to satisfy their immediate curiosity they’re more likely to use a search engine on their mobile device than ask their librarian.

But while the days of personal intervention in this kind of enquiry are numbered, the professional skills that underpin them are not.

Now in its 7th edition, Successful Enquiry Answering Every Time shows how technology isn’t making information professionals irrelevant, but is raising the skill stakes for all.

The Book

‘A cracking job... This really is a most excellent text. The style is lively without being patronising.’

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Eight Essential Thinking Skills

for successful enquiry handling

These transferrable skills work for anyone who uses third party sources to provide information, advice and guidance – perhaps supporting students in their learning, working with research teams or offering contact centre services.

However, we now use the same tools as our users – so our job is to use those tools much more efficiently.

How? Mainly by exercising our thinking skills.

At every stage in the journey from initial unformed enquiry to polished, value-added answer, we can deploy a different thinking skill to help us on our way.